Save The Monument


On October 23, 2017, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Albert Sidney Johnston 2060 Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy against the City and several council members for the unlawful removal of the Chapter’s property and the severe damage caused when the base was jackhammered during the hasty removal.

It is our hope that the statue and time capsule can be recovered and returned to its rightful place in Travis Park where it can continue to serve as a memorial to our ancestors and our history.

How to Help

Donations are being accepted to benefit the Albert Sidney Johnston 2060 Chapter’s Legal Defense Fund to recover the Confederate Monument owned and erected by the Barnard Bee Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1900 on land given to the Chapter for this use in downtown San Antonio’s Travis Park.

You can also help by sharing this Story on Facebook, Twitter, email or even in person with your friends and family. This may be a protracted law suit, and we need your help to succeed. With your donation, you will receive continued updates to the story and information from UDC 2060 regarding the status of the memorial.