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The Travis Park Confederate Monument: The History & Ladies Behind It 

  • History of Travis Park and the Confederate Monument
  • The ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy – then and now
  • Current lawsuit: The ASJ Chapter 2060 v. the City of San Antonio 

Robin Terrazas, president and Rita Schimpff are members of the Albert Sidney Johnston Chapter 2060 United Daughters of the Confederacy in San Antonio.  They have prepared a slide show presentation telling the history of San Antonio’s first and oldest monument, located in one of the 3 oldest municipal parks in the United States- our own Travis Park!  It is the first monument in the US designed by a woman and was constructed by “the father of the Texas granite industry” Frank Teich.    Robin & Rita take us on a surprise-filled journey of the park from 1861 to the present lawsuit with a mixture of questionable politics, mysterious disappearances and surprising confederate history not often heard today.

“Travis Park’s ground is stained with the tears of mothers, wives and sweethearts of Confederate soldiers.” Anna Hewett, daughter of Confederate Soldier  

On March 27, 1899, by unanimous vote city council passed an ordinance granting the UDC  a perpetual place to erect a Confederate Monument in the center of Travis Park.  This land belonging to Texas defender Samuel Maverick and his wife Mary was used as a Confederate campground, muster site and hospital for men from San Antonio and surrounding counties.  Mary Maverick gave 4 sons & her husband to the war effort, she herself was a charter member of the UDC chapter that erected this monument. On Aug. 31, 2017, under cover of darkness, having waived due process and refusing to meet with the Daughters the war memorial and historic time capsule were removed to a still secret location.  

The United Daughters of the Confederacy who own this monument are currently in a lawsuit with the City of San Antonio.  The city initially denied there was a time capsule and to date has not produced a deed, title or conveyance to Travis Park.  The monument is damaged, and possibly everything in the 120-year-old time capsule destroyed by city negligence while expense to the taxpayers is climbing.  The presentation will open your eyes to a story being kept under wraps!

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