Fiesta Medals For Sale

“Lest We Forget”

The Lest We Forget Medal was designed by chapter historian Rita Schimpff and depicts our Travis Park Memorial that was erected in 1899 by our predecessor chapter, The Barnard E. Bee Chapter, UDC.  It features many familiar items on the memorial: ‘Lest We Forget’, ‘Our Confederate Dead’, the laurel leaf garland, ribbon swag, bee in flight and the common Confederate soldier who stood atop the memorial. On the reverse is our thank you for your purchase. 

The Bee Medal

The Bee Medal 2020 & 2021 was created and donated to us by our friend Daniel Bee.  Mahala Rood, a well known local artist created the medal with Daniel’s  input as to the basic design. This Medal was Rood’s last completed work of art before her passing,  Chuck Herrera, Daniel’s fraternity brother. worked with Daniel and proposed the Fiesta Medal to assist in funding the battle for our Monument. Sadly, Chuck also passed away in an untimely manner. Chuck was a direct descendent of Blas Herrera, The Paul Revere of the Texas Revolution. All Herrera men served The Confederacy as did close to ten thousand other Tejanos. Daniel contributed the medal on behalf of the Bee family to the Tejano Monument on the capitol grounds in Austin in the name of General Hamilton P. Bee CSA. 

Medals are $10 each.

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