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This aesthetically elegant memorial for the common soldier stood in downtown San Antonio, TX for over 100 years and was removed under cover of darkness without due process. It was taken by order of the San Antonio, TX city council on August 31, 2017.

Removal of this privately-owned monument located on property officially designated for the statue was done with citizen’s tax dollars. We are appealing to you to help us redress this wanton disregard of history, due process, San Antonio’s citizenry, accountability of elected officials, and the rights of private property.

The mayor and city council members refused several requests by the legal owners, the Albert Sidney Johnson Chapter 2060 UDC, to meet and discuss the monument prior to its removal. The City continues to hold the monument in an undisclosed location and refuses to even allow private access and inspection of the monument by chapter representatives.

Members of the Barnard Bee Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy commissioned the design and construction of the statue in memory of common soldiers, our ancestors, who served in the Confederacy. It was the first woman designed monument in the country and the first monument of its kind ever placed in San Antonio. They financed this project with bake sales, teas, and quilting bees. These accomplishments were made even though women still did not have the right to vote.

Perpetual use of land in Travis Park was given to the Barnard Bee Chapter by unanimous vote of the City Council and the City of San Antonio in 1899.

In 1972, the Barnard Bee Chapter UDC was dissolved, naming the Albert Sidney Johnston 2060 Chapter UDC as their successor. The statue and historic time capsule which was placed in the base of the monument is now owned by the ASJ-2060 UDC.

On October 23, 2017, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Albert Sidney Johnston 2060 Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy against the City and several council members for the unlawful removal of the Chapter’s property and the severe damage caused when the base was jackhammered during the hasty removal.

It is our hope that the statue and time capsule can be recovered and returned to its rightful place in Travis Park where it can continue to serve as a memorial to our ancestors and our history.

How to Help
Donations are being accepted to benefit the Albert Sidney Johnston 2060 Chapter’s Legal Defense Fund to recover the Confederate Monument owned and erected by the Barnard Bee Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1900 on land given to the Chapter for this use in downtown San Antonio’s Travis Park.

Just use your credit card to donate to the legal fund using GoFundMe now via PayPal by clicking the orange “Donate Now” button on the right side of this page (no PayPal account is required).

Or, checks made payable to ASJ-2060 UDC can be mailed to:

ASJ 2060
15720 Bandera Road
Box 9
Helotes, TX 78023

You can also help by sharing this Story on Facebook, Twitter, email or even in person with your friends and family. This may be a protracted law suit, and we need your help to succeed. With your donation, you will receive continued updates to the story and information from UDC 2060 regarding the status of the memorial.